Automatic Fire Sprinklers

Upright SprinklerThere are many different types of fire sprinkler systems ranging from simple wet pipe systems to complicated double-interlocked preaction systems. Grand Fire Protection has the knowledge and experience to handle them all. We have successfully completed projects of all types including retail, manufacturing, warehouse, data centers, educational, and government. We are equipped and capable of meeting the needs of every customer from the small business owner needing a couple of sprinklers relocated to the large general contractor building the multi-million dollar structure.

Automatic Fire Sprinklers are an essential part of effective fire prevention in any type of building. When activated, fire sprinkler systems deliver some type of fire suppression agent to the area or areas of the building where a fire has been detected. While other fire suppression agents are available, water from the local public water system is most often used. Automatic fire sprinkler systems are extremely effective in controlling and even extinguishing fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association, from 2007 to 2011 fire sprinklers were effective in controlling 96% of all fires in which the automatic sprinkler system operated.

In the 4% of cases where sprinklers were not effective in controlling the fire, the most common reasons were water not reaching the fire and not enough water being released. While there could be many explanations for these problems, exceptional system design and installation is imperative to avoiding these type of deficiencies. At Grand Fire Protection, we take our job as a fire sprinkler contractor seriously. We strive to, not only complete the project on time and on budget, but also ensure that the fire protection system affords the best possible protection for the property.