Automatic Fire Sprinklers

Automatic Fire Sprinklers

Our mission is to provide dependable, reliable fire suppression systems through the best design, fabrication, and installation by industry standards. We strive to continually do what we promise, so that our services will always be superb and consistent, and that we will have a reputation of integrity and dependability second to none.

Grand Fire Protection has been designing and installing fire sprinklers for over 30 years. We have numerous employees with over 25 years of experience, both in the office and out in the field.

Our design services include:

a) Design Intent Drawings – prepared by a licensed Professional Engineer.
b) Produce NICET certified, custom designed Sprinkler Shop Drawings with hydraulic calculations to meet applicable codes.
c) Produce 3-D BIM modeling of the piping system for coordination with other trades and for owner presentation.
d) Provide Project Management to coordinate project scheduling and installation, and to manage costs.
e) Providing fabrication lists and obtain custom fabricated sprinkler piping for every area of the system or building.

We are experienced with installing all types of water-based fire protection systems including:

a) Automatic Sprinkler Systems (wet, dry-pipe, preaction, deluge and foam),
b) Standpipes (automatic, manual, wet or dry),
c) Fire Pumps (both horizontal split case, vertical in-line, electric and diesel driven),
d) Foam Systems (low and high expansion foam with proportioners, foam concentrate tanks, foam generators, and hose stations),
e) Water Storage Tanks ( manual or automatic fill, insulated or uninsulated, heated or unheated).

The majority of our work is in the commercial sector and located in Middle Tennessee, However, we also work in Kentucky Alabama and Georgia. Recent projects that we have completed include:

a) Office Buildings – single systems to multi-floor high-rise buildings,
b) Parking Garages – single systems to multi-level, including Nitrogen Generators to reduce pipe corrosion, and with heat tape and insulation to protect wet pipe systems from freezing conditions.
c) Residential – Apartment Buildings, Hotels, Condominiums – both low and high rise
d) Manufacturing and Warehouses
e) Correction Facilities:
f) Health Care Facilities
g) Aircraft Hangars – Group I, II and III
h) Retail
i) Educational
j) Retrofit – occupied offices, warehouses, residential high rises, trucking terminals, educational buildings and multi-purpose buildings

If you need a fire sprinkler contractor who has the experience and knowledge to complete your sprinkler installation on time, under budget, code-compliant and with job safety as a priority, then look no further than Grand Fire Protection

If you are interested in establishing a career in sprinkler design or installation, contact us by phone at (615) 818-0844, email us at, or write to us at Grand Fire Protection – 916 Myatt Industrial Drive -Madison, TN. 37115.